Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure you read through the FAQ before contacting us.

Payment issues

What Payment methods are accepted?

Currently we accept payment via PayPal and Credit/Debit cards.

Do you have plans to increase payment options?

We are looking to increase the available payment options in the future.

I purchased 3 months of Pro, will I be re-billed after 3 months?

No, our 3 month purchase option is a one-time purchase that expires after 3 months and isn't re-billed.

Can I purchase pro codes to buy pro for a friend?

Right now this isn't an available option, pro is automatically applied to the account logged in while purchasing.

I purchased pro and it hasn't activated yet, how long should I wait?

Pro is usually applied very quickly, if after 15 minutes your pro still isn't active try logging out via your client settings and logging back in, this should refresh your client state and apply your missing pro.

I have waited over 15 minutes and pro still hasn't been applied, what should I do?

Email our support email with your details (OSBuddy name, transaction id, payment method etc)

If I need to contact somebody about my payment, how can I get in contact?

All billing issues should be resolved through our support email found below. Please provide as much relevant information as possible to help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

How can I cancel my subscription?

While logged into the website click the "View or cancel your subscriptions and codes" link at the bottom of the homepage. PayPal subscriptions can also be cancelled on the PayPal website.

I accidentally subscribed twice, can one of these be refunded and cancelled?

While logged into the website click the "View or cancel your subscriptions and codes" link at the bottom of the homepage and contact our support email found below for a refund.

Client Issues

My client isn't loading!

If your client gets stuck at any point the most common fix is to delete your OSBuddy folder. This is located in your local user folder (C:\Users\<LOGIN_NAME> on Windows, ~/.osbuddy on Mac/Linux). Remember you can back up your screenshots and notepad file by removing them from the folder before deleting.

I'm experiencing an issue with <X> Plugin but it's working for other people.

This can also usually be resolved by removing the OSBuddy folder by the method mentioned above.

I am getting the following error, what should I do? 'Failed to create Java Virtual Machine / MCVSR100.dll is missing'

You need to download 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update' which can be found on Microsoft's website.

I've found a bug or issue with the client, where can I let somebody know about this?

You can let us know about any bugs you find through our twitter and facebook accounts found below.

The client won't launch, I get a 'mismatched hash' error, what do I do?

This is an issue caused by your connection. Check that your firewall allows both Java AND OSbuddy. If the issue persists check that your internet connection is stable. This may also be caused by your ISP in which case you can wait and see if it is resolved within a few days.

OSBuddy isn't loading on my Mac!

After downloading Java from the official site you need to double click on the downloaded 'OSBuddy.jar'. You may need to then allow OSBuddy to run by going to your Privacy & Security settings and giving permission for OSBuddy to run.

My Settings / Cog icon has disappeared, how do I get this back?

Simply press Ctrl + F11, this will bring your top bar back.

I have an issue not answered above!

Please check our Twitter (@rsbuddy) to see if we're aware of it, if not follow the "Contact Us" steps below.

Contact us

For all billing issues, please contact our support team at our support desk with your RSBuddy username and any relevant billing information.
For all client issues/bugs or any suggestions you have to improve the client please contact us via Discord or Twitter.