OSBuddy Pro Cancellation & Refund Policy

Section 3 of our end user licence (quoted below) specifies the circumstances under which you are entitled to a refund.
We are also happy to review requests for refunds made within 30 days of a payment on a case-by-case basis.
To request a refund please contact us at our support desk.

3.0  If you wish to subscribe to our "Pro" edition of the Software you agree to pay to us a monthly subscription fee in accordance with our payment procedures, whereupon this licence shall extend to the use of the "Pro" edition for so long as you subscribe. You may cancel your subscription at any time whereupon this licence shall extend only to the free version of the Software.

3.1  If the "Pro" edition of the Software fails to function properly due to a defect therein or as a result of any matter affecting the Website and/or your User Account during the period of ten (10) working days following your initial subscription then unless we are able to provide a fix within 24 hours you shall be entitled to cancel your subscription and apply for a full refund of your initial subscription.

3.2  Save as specified in clause 3.2 all subscription payments are non-refundable. In the event that the Software is discontinued for any reason we will notify you via your User Account and it will be your responsibility to cancel your subscription payments.