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Agility Helper

Helps you navigate most agility courses.
Tracks your completed laps and laps left until your next level.

Slayer Assistance

Remembers your uncompleted task from your last login.
Displays number of monsters left to complete your task.
Option to highlight monsters and mark them on your mini map.

Barrows Booster

Displays the brothers killed and left to kill.
Shows the locations of where things are on the map.

Drop Logger

Track all of the monsters you've killed.
Track the total and value of loot dropped.

Bank Valuer

Calculates the total worth of your bank.
Hover over individual stacks to see their worth.

Chat Highlighter

Notifications and highlights when someone says your name.
Add your own custom phrases to highlight.

Cannonball Overlay

Tracks cannonballs in your cannon so you never run out.

Item Overlay

Display item drops and their value on the game screen.

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