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  • Highlights all available fishing spots based on the type of fishing gear you're carrying.
  • Counts the number of fish you have caught.


  • Remembers your uncompleted task from your last login.
  • Displays number of monsters left to complete your task.
  • Option to highlight monsters and mark them on your mini map.


  • Displays the status of each farming patch and what you've planted.
  • Displays whether or not your patch has been watered, is being watched, or has been treated with compost.

God Wars

  • Alerts you when you are able to refill your prayer at the altar in the God Wars Dungeon boss room.

Tray Icon Notifications

  • Allows you to choose to display your current hit points and/or prayer level in your system tray.

Prayer Alerter

  • Icon flashes on screen letting you know that your prayer level is low enough to drink a dose of prayer potion.

Burner Markers

  • Informs you whether or not the incense burners are lit in a POH.

Drop Displayer

  • Displays loot dropped on the floor.
  • Displays amount and estimated value of each item dropped.

Motherlode Mining

  • Displays all of the mining spots.
  • Tells you when you can collect from the bag.
  • Warns you when your pickaxe breaks.

Blast Furnace

  • Shows ores used, bars ready to collect, and the total number of bars made.
  • Tells you what you need to repair.


  • Displays the brothers killed and left to kill.
  • Shows the locations of where things are on the map.


  • Helps you navigate most agility courses.
  • Tracks your completed laps and laps left until your next level.

NMZ Helper

  • Displays the locations of power-ups on the map and on your screen.
  • Shows the amount of absorption potion you have remaining on your system tray.

Treasure Trails

  • Provides a variety of helpful tools that assist you in treasure trails.

Duel Arena

  • Helps you avoid getting scammed by highlighting the previously selected options in the duelling screen.
  • Shows the estimated price of both your offer and your opponent's offer.

Food Overlay

  • Displays the amount each piece of food will heal when you hover your mouse over it.
  • Turns green or red to indicate whether or not you will waste a piece of food.

Death Marker

  • Shows where you last died.


  • Alerts you when you are about to log out of the game when you haven't moved your mouse or keyboard and when you are about to hit the 6 hour mark.


  • Tells you the estimated value of the items in your bank.


  • Displays the number of cannonballs you have left on your cannon.


  • Displays your friends name on your screen and on your map so you do not have to right click to find them.


  • Tells you your approval rating at Kingdom.


  • Tracks the number of kills you have of each monster and the loot that is dropped.

Corporeal Beast

  • Displays where the core is and who the Corporeal Beast is attacking at all times.


  • Tells you the best route to burn your logs while firemaking.

Health Regen

  • Displays the time until your next health increase.


  • Shows where all visible implings are on your map.


  • Shows all boosts (and optionally drains) from potions and tells you when the next stat change will happen.


  • Keeps track of the state of your pouches.


  • Gives an estimate of how much each person's offer is worth while trading.


  • Shows information such as follower count and latest follower from your Twitch channel.


  • Shows where all selected trees are via the minimap and tells you how many logs you've chopped.