Patch notes - 11 Jan 2019 - v3.9.0

  • The Item Overlay plugin now collapses the menu entries for duplicate items (on by default).

  • Ensouled heads can now be reliably examined for prices.

  • The Slayer plugin now supports area tasks.

  • You can now hide players, npcs, or projectiles and their respective clutter (hits/health/overheads) with the new Entity Hider plugin.

  • Some under-the-hood optimizations around searching repeatedly have been made to fix potential performance issues.

  • The Quick Hop plugin now supports replacing country flags with ping in both the widget and the OSRS world switcher.

  • Inventory tags should now work properly in fixed mode and without closeable tabs in resizeable.

  • The !kc feature now supports 'Hydra' for Alchemical Hydra and 'Hesp' or 'farmingboss' for Hespori.


The OSBuddy team