Patch notes - 27 Dec 2018 - v3.8.0

  • The Chat plugin now supports timestamping messages (enabled by default). Note: Timestamps can be quickly toggled by right-clicking the 'All' button along the bottom of the chat area, and colors for different message types can be changed in the Chat plugin's settings.

  • The world select screen should no longer pop up over the login screen if the Quick Hop plugin is enabled and 'Existing User' is pressed before the world list has finished loading.

  • The OSBuddy world map has been updated.

  • The Slayer plugin should no longer display 'in the Wildernes' and should now correctly handle Cerberus.

  • The Clan plugin now adds a 'Reset damage tracking' option to the XP button near the minimap to quickly reset the damage numbers locally.


The OSBuddy team