Patch notes - 13 Dec 2018 - v3.7.0

  • The Indicators plugin should now properly determine which antipoison you've drank if you select the 'Cure' option on the HP orb and should now be more responsive.

  • An issue causing the minimap to be moved during certain actions such as opening the bank has been resolved.

  • The Enchant Helper feature of the HUD plugin should once again function as expected.

  • The Chat Hotkeys plugin has had an issue with WASD mode in OpenGL resolved.

  • The Bank plugin now adds a 'Set icon' option to the presets which allows you to left-click an item to set it as the icon.

  • The Bank plugin will now toggle the active preset when clicked.

  • Users can now easily look up most items, npcs, spells, prayers, quests, achievement diaries, skills, and objects with the new Wiki plugin.


The OSBuddy team