Patch notes - 30 Nov 2018 - v3.6.2

  • Cursors such as those used in the indicators area for dragging and resizing or set via cursor selector should once again function.

  • The login screen will no longer always scale when OpenGL is enabled.

  • A bug causing mouse dragging and alt-click lookup to not work on items has been quashed.

  • A bug causing UI lag when toggling compact mode when certain tabs were selected has been quashed.

  • The Quick Hop plugin now has a toggle for showing F2P worlds which is enabled by default.

  • A bug requiring a client resize in order to update the game's size has been quashed.

  • Legacy farming notifications have been disabled.

  • The Combat plugin will more reliably determine your weapon type when determining defensive attack styles.

  • The Fairy Ring Reorder has been moved from the Map plugin to the HUD plugin and has had it's setting renamed to 'Fairy ring left-click option'.


The OSBuddy team