Patch notes - 26 Nov 2018 - v3.6.0

  • This is a large update and there may be unexpected bugs. If you run into any problems please send a ticket to RSBuddy staff using this link.

  • Stretched fixed mode is now an OpenGL feature.

  • You can now be notified when you are idle in many skills and activities (including combat!) with the new Idle Alerter plugin.

  • The list of default worlds has been updated.

  • The Jewelry overlay now supports Pharoah's sceptre, Lyre, Slayer Ring, Necklace of Passage, Ring of Returning, Burning Amulet, Castle Wars Bracelet, and Teleport Crystal.

  • You can now report OSBuddy bugs by right clicking the report button in game.

  • The Bank plugin should once again correctly show item prices on hover.

  • The client has had it's colors updated and various other general UI improvements.

  • The Option Reorder plugin now supports Karamja crew members.

  • Hop-to on friends or clanmates should now support 4xx and 5xx worlds.

  • The Indicators plugin should once again obey the notify when below level settings.

  • OpenGL has had various performance improvements and bugfixes.

  • Bank Presets have undergone a major overhaul with a new UI, dragging directly onto presets, showing in search, and scrolling among others. It is also now available for all users!

  • Discord rich presence will now display your account status (Guest, Pro, Tester, Streamer, Developer).

  • An issue when both box trap swaps and remove bank booth options has been resolved.

  • The client will now handle certain worlds more effectively when they are selected as a default world.


The OSBuddy team