Patch notes - 28 Sep 2018 - v3.3.0

  • The OSBuddy log output has been cleaned up.

  • Overlays on the right side on the screen will no longer cover HP orb in fixed mode.

  • Multiple clue scrolls have had their destinations fixed.

  • The tooltips in the Bank plugin should once again correctly calculate prices.

  • Quick Hopping should once again function correctly without unexpected behavior.

  • The Indicator plugin's timers have once again been re-aligned with the top of the chat box.

  • The Twitch Helper should function once again.

  • The Combat plugin will now differentiate between magic and defensive magic autocasting and hide the appropriate attack styles.

  • Objects and locations rotated incorrectly in OpenGL should be corrected.

  • OpenGL now supports Map Anims (Cerberus attacks, Olm lightning, etc).

  • The HUD plugin now supports swapping 'Cage' and 'Harpoon' on Tuna/Swordfish spots.

  • The Markers plugin now supports tiles in instanced areas such as the Inferno.

  • Pro users can now create presets via the Bank plugin. Right-click the search button in the bank to get started. Note: this feature is in beta and you may experience bugs. Please report them in our Discord!


The OSBuddy team