Patch notes - 20 Sep 2019 - v3.27.0

  • Enhanced features which have been rigorously tested and verified safe to use may now be toggled on within Client settings. Note: Enhanced plugins have a red background in the plugin list.

  • Blackjacking is now less click-intensive with the new Enhanced Blackjacking feature of the Thieving plugin (requires Enhanced mode).

  • Altars in player-owned houses can now be left-clicked to offer bones with the new Enhanced Prayer plugin (requires Enhanced mode).

  • Training construction is now left-clickable with the new Construction plugin (requires Enhanced mode).

  • Logs can now be left-clicked to train firemaking with the new Firemaking plugin (requires Enhanced mode).

  • The Agility plugin now has a corrected experience value for Seers Village.

  • The Option Reorder and Prayer Reorder features of the HUD plugin have been moved to a standalone Reorder plugin.

  • Items in the Loot plugin are now sorted by value.


The OSBuddy team