Patch notes - 09 Aug 2019 - v3.25.0

  • The OSBuddy world map has been updated.

  • Zalcano will now be easier to defeat with the new Zalcano plugin.

  • Resources within the Gauntlet (such as trees and rocks) can now be marked on the minimap with the new Gauntlet plugin.

  • Dragon pickaxe (or) and turquoise slayer helms will now correctly have their prices resolved throughout the client.

  • The Option Reorder feature of the HUD plugin has been rewritten and additionally now supports swapping 'Pickpocket' and 'Talk-to' on non-blackjack NPCs.

  • The Item Overlay plugin now supports setting highlight colors and values for multiple price tiers (low, medium, high, insane).

  • The Spec Counter feature of the Indicators plugin will more accurately track weapons when quickly swapped.

  • The Emojis plugin will no longer delay the loading of other plugins and once again supports emojis on overhead text.

  • The Treasure Trail plugin now supports new clues.

  • The Hiscores searcher will no longer add duplicate Lookup entries in certain interfaces.


The OSBuddy team