Patch notes - 25 Jul 2019 - v3.24.0

  • Tooltips throughout the client are now drawn using the OSBuddy color scheme.

  • The Idle Alerter now supports wine.

  • Missing music clues have been added to the Treasure Trail plugin.

  • Bank Presets now supports up to 100 presets (up from 20).

  • The Loot Tracker now have a tooltip displaying the total value and the average price of items.

  • The Ammo Counter feature of the Indicators plugin has been updated to include the new crystal bows.

  • The OSBuddy World Map should once again open as expected.

  • The Option Reorder feature of the HUD plugin now supports swapping Assignment and Talk-to on slayer masters.

  • Prices for coins and platinum tokens throughout the client should once again resolve to their correct values.

  • The Show level range in wilderness feature of the Combat plugin should once again work as expected.

  • The NPC Tagger feature of the Indicators plugin now supports drawing the NPC's tile.

  • Cloud loot storage has been reworked internally and should work better for those with huge quantities of loot.


The OSBuddy team