Patch notes - 18 Jul 2019 - v3.23.0

  • POH Markers should once again display correctly.

  • The Tears of Guthix plugin once again works as expected.

  • A bug causing certain arcs to not finish unfilling before disappearing has been fixed.

  • A bug causing the Motherlode Mine vein markers to not disappear has been fixed.

  • The Spec Counter feature of the Indicators plugin should more reliably track special attacks after quickly swapping items.

  • The Timer Manager now supports Sarachnis.

  • The Trade Notifier feature of the Chat plugin now has a specific toggle for duel requests (previously trades and duels were the same toggle).

  • The Cannonball Tracker feature of the Combat plugin has been moved to it's own plugin.

  • The Death Marker plugin will now optionally persist over client restarts.

  • The Mining plugin now supports the upgraded motherlode mine sack.

  • The Woodcutting plugin now supports redwoods and will now keep track of logs chopped / smouldered.

  • Features which rely on a certain client feature such as bank presets, timestamps, ping in world switcher, and others have been fixed.

  • Images once again render correctly in OpenGL.


The OSBuddy team