Patch notes - 06 Jun 2019 - v3.21.0

  • An issue causing health bars in the Opponent Info plugin to be slow to update has been fixed.

  • The Fishing plugin now integrates with the Idle Alerter plugin in order to notify you when you are not fishing.

  • The Woodcutting plugin will no longer notify you about birds nests if you are near a birdhouse.

  • The Twitch Chat plugin once again supports linking your OSBuddy account with your Twitch account in order to chat within the client.

  • The Mining plugin now supports Blast Mine and many other things.

  • The Chat plugin now supports disabling ASCII emojis (such as :)) or shortcodes (:eggplant:) and has had a large number of improvements made to it's emoji detection.

  • The Chat plugin now supports automatically sending messages to clan chat when the clan button is pressed (on by default).

  • A bug causing items which are on the first slot of the first tab in your bank to not be able to be removed from a preset has been fixed.


The OSBuddy team