Patch notes - 23 May 2019 - v3.20.0

  • The Runecrafting plugin's pouch overlay has been fixed.

  • A bug stopping you from typing at the login screen has been fixed.

  • The Item Overlay's label items in interfaces feature has been fixed.

  • Items on the ground are once again visible in OpenGL.

  • A bug causing the client to stop drawing overlays when the right-click menu has been fixed.

  • The Agility plugin should once again work as expected.

  • You can now more efficiently mine rocks throughout Old School RuneScape with the new Mining plugin.

  • The Combat plugin and loot tracker work again and the reset loot feature once again supports clearing your loot.

  • The Chat plugin now supports certain common emojis (disabled by default). You can also choose to replace certain emojis with empty space by blacklisting them.


The OSBuddy team