Patch notes - 18 Sep 2018 - v3.2.2

  • A bug causing Bank Tags to malfunction in certain situations has been quashed.

  • The Hiscores plugin has been updated with the latest OSRS hiscores URL.

  • The Slayer plugin has had it's new task check updated.

  • You can now disable the Mouseover Text plugin's hover text feature without needing to disable the plugin.

  • The settings menu will now take you back to your search results if you were searching before entering a plugin's settings.

  • You can individually toggle the sharing for tiles, npcs, and players in the Markers plugin.

  • A bug causing Lookup options to be endlessly added when players were right-clicked through your chat box when transparent chat is enabled has been quashed.

  • The Indicators plugin now supports timing Sanfew serums.

  • You can now toggle notifications on new trade requests in the Chat plugin.

  • You can now toggle the death marker feature of the Map plugin.


The OSBuddy team