Patch notes - 05 Sep 2018 - v3.2.1

  • The Mining plugin should once again show veins correctly at Motherlode Mine.

  • The Indicators plugin now supports antipoison, superantipoison, antidote+, and antidote++ timers.

  • The Pharoah's sceptre is now regarded as an uncharged variant for the purposes of price checking.

  • Duels should once again be screenshotted correctly.

  • Plugins which add menu options to components such as Quick Hop adding Hop-to, Hiscores adding Lookup to your friends list / friends chat and the Bank plugin adding tagging-related options have undergone some under-the-hood changes to both work more consistently and more smoothly.

  • Several options which were erroneously included in the Markers plugin have been moved to the HUD plugin (Swap use/bury, swap eagle eye/rigour and swap mystic might/augury).

  • The Current Boosts status indicator mode has been fixed.

  • The Markers plugin has had a search term for 'tagging' added and has had the Enable NPC tagging and Enable NPC markers options dependency order swapped so you can once again track spawn times without having a marker.

  • Features which depended on the location of the report button such as time logged in should once again be functional.


The OSBuddy team