Patch notes - 09 May 2019 - v3.19.0

  • The client now supports the new Australian worlds in client settings.

  • Loot can now be viewed from the new Loot Tracker plugin which contains many visual and functional improvements over the previous Combat plugin. Note: You must log in before the new loot tracker will populate with data and the old Combat plugin is still temporarily available in addition to the new loot tracker.

  • The Item Overlay plugin now supports labeling items in your inventory such as herbs, saplings, or seedlings.

  • The Barrows plugin now supports displaying puzzle solutions.

  • The OpenGL plugin now supports toggling whether fixed mode is rendered in OpenGL in addition to having the configuration for stretched fixed and maintain aspect ratio moved from client settings into the plugin itself.

  • The Bank Tools feature of the Bank plugin once again supports showing images for exchange / high alch values.


The OSBuddy team