Patch notes - 21 Mar 2019 - v3.15.0

  • Time logged in and time running are once again viewable within Client settings.

  • The HUD plugin now supports making Fairy ring default on the POH Spiritual Fairy Tree

  • The Fishing plugin has undergone some internal changes which should result in it being more responsive.

  • The Woodcutting plugin now supports Bruma roots.

  • Sliders client-wide have had their storage format changed in order to fix several issues with them.

  • The Markers plugin has undergone some settings changes, allowing you to change the color of the destination marker among other changes.

  • The HUD plugin now supports swapping options on many more farmers within the Farming Guild.

  • The Chat plugin now supports highlighting matching game messages.

  • The Clan plugin now supports notifying you when users leave or join the clan chat you're in. Note: Messages disappear after 4 seconds and are filterable.

  • Chat timestamps will once again work properly with the latest OSRS update.


The OSBuddy team