Patch notes - 14 Mar 2019 - v3.14.0

  • Pressing ctrl+shift+c to toggle compact mode will now correctly update the compact mode toggle icon in the menu bar.

  • The Status Bars feature of the HUD plugin will no longer go above the expected height when your HP or prayer are above their respective levels.

  • Mouse hover events have been overhauled and should result in more responsive overlays within the Mouseover Text plugin.

  • The Tears of Guthix plugin should once again work as expected.

  • The Runecrafting plugin will now keep track of the number of essence placed in rune pouches.

  • The Option Reorder feature of the HUD plugin now supports swapping 'Pay' and 'Talk-to' on farmers within the Farming Guild.

  • Overlays will now automatically be moved out of the way of the Pest Control, Raids, Skotizo, Nightmare Zone, and Wintertodt interfaces.

  • You can now configure the default size of scaling fonts (11px-13px).

  • Certain hill giants should no longer experience issues in OpenGL.

  • The Wiki plugin will once again work with quests and achievement diaries following today's OSRS update.

  • Mac users will no longer experience artifacts on the screen when resizing at the login screen in fixed mode.


The OSBuddy team