Patch notes - 22 Feb 2019 - v3.12.0

  • Plugin settings are now configured by the new settings widget.

  • The Chat plugin now supports pressing tab to cycle through senders and clearing chat by right-clicking the 'All' button.

  • The Client Performance plugin should once again obey it's location setting when XP drops are enabled.

  • The Markers plugin has had marker sharing removed due to the introduction of pinging.

  • The Raid Scouter plugin now supports whitelisting / blacklisting rooms.

  • The Hiscores plugin now supports right-click lookup on private messages.

  • The Experience Drop plugin now supports centering the drops according to the screen size and has had a number of issues with disabling movement / hiding skill icons fixed.

  • The Discord plugin now supports pinging NPCs and should work more reliably in instanced areas.

  • The Go Pro button should once again be functional.

  • The Timer Manager feature of the Indicators plugin has had it's settings overhauled.

  • The Name in Title Bar plugin should once again work as expected.


The OSBuddy team