Patch notes - 15 Feb 2019 - v3.11.0

  • The Wiki plugin now supports adding Guide and Quick guide options to quests in the quest journal. Additionally, the plugin now supports the new RSLookup extension which should result in more accurate results.

  • All timers are now available for free users.

  • The Discord plugin now supports Discord groups. Ask to join another OSBuddy user in Discord to get started (provided they accept your invitation!). It supports holding shift to ping tiles and displaying damage dealt/taken along with current health and prayer. Note: You can leave the group by right-clicking the overlay or by clicking the Leave button in the Discord widget.

  • The Clan plugin now supports displaying team cape icons instead of text and supports several new filtering options such as a minimum number of capes and the ability to show the overlay when you are not wearing a team cape.

  • The Combat plugin now supports displaying your level range under the wilderness level.

  • Several clues in Port Sarim have been fixed.


The OSBuddy team