Patch notes - 01 Feb 2019 - v3.10.2

  • Cannon overlays will now always draw on the correct floor.

  • The Wiki plugin will now avoid adding menu options if the button is overlapping with in-game widgets such as the inventory or the tab bar itself.

  • OSBuddy will now persistently track Barrows loot and display it within the Combat widget.

  • The Chat plugin's !kc feature will now display your personal best when available and has a new shortcut !pb for displaying only your personal best.

  • OSBuddy will now track your personal best boss kill times.

  • The Bank plugin will now clear your preset when the bank is closed.

  • The Cryptic clue 'How many items can carry water in Gielinor?' has been fixed.

  • The world map no longer requires a client update in order to be updated in the future.

  • Client crashes will now be logged to Client_Errors.log.


The OSBuddy team