Patch notes - 24 Jan 2019 - v3.10.1

  • The !task feature now supports areas.

  • The Quick Hop plugin once again supports replacing country flags with ping in the OSRS world switcher.

  • The Opponent Info feature of the Combat plugin now supports always showing the health as a percentage.

  • The Idle Alerter plugin should now work correctly with Amethyst mining.

  • All Sherlock and challenge clues should now be working in the Treasure Trails plugin.

  • The Minimap Orbs plugin now draws it's overlays under the inventory.

  • The !kc feature has had an issue with using 'hesp' as a shortcut for Hespori fixed.

  • Loot will now be saved to your RSBuddy account provided you are logged into one.

  • The Indicators plugin now supports displaying the time remaining on blue spots at Tears of Guthix.


The OSBuddy team