Patch notes - 18 Jan 2019 - v3.10.0

  • The Treasure Trail plugin now supports the new Kebos clues and has had several clues fixed.

  • The HUD and world map plugins now support the new fairy ring CIR (South of Mount Karuulm).

  • The '!kc' feature now supports 'tob' and 'raids2' for Theatre of Blood, 'zily' for Zilyana, 'zam' for K'ril Tsutsaroth, 'scorp' for Scorpio, 'vet' for Vet'ion, and 'zul' for Zulrah.

  • The Fishing plugin now supports pearl fishing rods and pike fishing spots.

  • The Timer Manager plugin now supports Alchemical Hydra.

  • Loot collection has been entirely rewritten and will now be persisted between client sessions. We will be implementing syncing loot with your RSBuddy account in next week's update.

  • The Slayer plugin now sets the stack size of the slayer helmet in the equipment tab to the number of monsters remaining in your current task (enabled by default).

  • Many optimizations were made around legacy network calls and should result in more responsive IO (such as hiscores lookups) after client startup.

  • Users will now be notified of OSBuddy updates directly within the client.

  • The Slayer plugin will now shorten area names to fit within the UI.

  • The Item Overlay will now display the stack size of stackable items in the right-click menu (enabled by default).


The OSBuddy team