Patch notes - 23 Apr 2018 - v3.1.9

  • Right-click lookup will now work on chat messages

  • A bug where some plugins would show a stack size of 1 on item images has been fixed

  • The logout alerter will once again display the time logged in on the report button

  • The ability to paste text (via Ctrl+V) has been added to the 'Login Screen Modifications' plugin

  • Users can now choose to disable the Ctrl+W to delete the last typed word in the 'Chat Hotkeys' plugin

  • The 'Press Enter to Chat' plugin has been relocated to the 'Chat Hotkeys' plugin and will no longer edit your chatbox when it is not on

  • Overlays that are bound to the chatbox position will once again move according to whether or not the chat is showing

  • Slayer tasks that are in the wilderness will now show up as orange in the slayer plugin

  • The special attack counter plugin has been reworked to correct most bugs

  • Added a simple Herbiboar Tracking plugin, more updates will come soon


The OSBuddy team