Patch notes - 23 Apr 2018 - v3.1.6

  • The loader window will now close once the client opens when using other branches (like beta)

  • The high scores plugin will no longer add the Lookup option to your own player

  • Tool leprechauns will now have their options reordered properly

  • The Jagex click through bug on the run orb has been properly corrected

  • Monkfish are once again supported by the fishing plugin

  • Fishing notifications no longer require the status overlay to be enabled

  • The ability to disable showing alchemy values in the bank total has been added to the Bank Tools plugin

  • The bank tools plugin will no longer show negative values when the bank value is over 2147M

  • The raids scouter plugin will now determine the proper rotation and show the chambers in order. It will also now print out Woox's layout code to the chat box (can be turned off in settings)

  • Added Discord Rich Presence support


The OSBuddy team