Patch notes - 23 Apr 2018 - v3.1.5

  • Updated the description of the minimap orbs plugin

  • Minimap Orbs will now continue to hide the special attack orb (if enabled) after logging out and back in

  • Fishing plugin has been updated to work with the recent changes Jagex made to fishing spots

  • Reordering of the 'Net' and 'Harpoon' option on Shark fishing spots has been fixed

  • Formatting of prices will now work on negative values

  • Overlays in fixed mode will now render in the correct location

  • Hopping to friends via the friend list has been fixed

  • Slider components in the settings window have been given a new look

  • The Minimap Orbs plugin now has the ability to show the HP regen meter when full health

  • Deleted the old health regeneration plugin

  • Added in a Chambers of Xeric scouting plugin, Woox's method coming in the next version

  • Replaced the Bank Overlay with a new and improved Bank Tools plugin


The OSBuddy team