Patch notes - 21 Mar 2018 - v3.1.4

  • Removed a lot of dead (unused) code from the client

  • Fixed the right-click lookup option on users with a space in their name

  • The enchanted trident of the seas will now have its value calculated correctly

  • OSBuddy will now correctly remove the Jagex Barrows UI when needed. More toggles have also been added to the Barrows plugin for users who do not wish to use every feature.

  • The Slayer plugin will no longer consider Hobgoblins a valid NPC for a normal Goblin task

  • The 'empty' option on the dwarf multicannon will now correctly update the cannonball count

  • Karambwans have had their experience gain corrected in the Cooking calculator

  • Users can now opt to see their exact bank value in the Bank overlay plugin

  • The new Minimap orbs plugin contains a collection of modifications to the official Jagex orbs: Fixing the position of the orbs, adding a regeneration meter (fully customizable RGB colors) to the hitpoints and special attack orbs, adding the ability to hide the special attack orb, and a prayer flicking helper.


The OSBuddy team