Patch notes - 03 Aug 2018 - v3.1.26

  • The OSBuddy world map will once again be added to the right-click menu of the Jagex world map

  • Fixed a bug causing tooltips from the jewellery plugin to not display

  • Automatic screenshots will now work correctly

  • The option reordering plugin will now swap options on caught grey chinchompas

  • Fixed a bunch of clue scroll solutions

  • The prayer calculator now has the level requirement for superior dragon bones. Rates for the ectofuntus have also been added.

  • The Clan plugin now supports tracking damage taken/received with members of the same clan chat and world. More resetting options such as boss respawns and ToB phase will be added soon

  • The Tile Markers plugin has had it's settings reorganized.

  • The Minimap Orbs plugin now supports indicating when a special attack is active with a customize-able color.

  • The Prayer Alerter plugin has been removed and it's functionality added to the Prayer plugin.


The OSBuddy team