Patch notes - 11 Jul 2018 - v3.1.24

  • The XP Drop plugin once again supports changing the colors of the in-game drop.

  • OSBuddy's default world selector now supports all OSRS worlds.

  • The swapping of options on box traps while hunting will now be off by default

  • Skill calculators will now sort all entries by required level, experience gain, and name.

  • The timer manager plugin will now support the Super antivenom+ status effects

  • The NPC Tagging plugin will no longer allow the 'Tag' or 'Un-tag' options to ever be the left-click option

  • Overlay positions along the right-hand side of the client have been corrected

  • The Option Reordering plugin has been optimized. It will no longer break when players nearby are performing animations such as alching around the Grand Exchange.

  • The eternal glory will now have the 'Rub' and 'Wear' options swapped

  • You can now mark targets via right-click to other OSBuddy users in the same friends chat with the new Player Marker plugin. Note: It is in a public beta release state. It is not necessarily feature complete but we'd like to make it available to interested users nonetheless.


The OSBuddy team