Patch notes - 05 Jul 2018 - v3.1.23

  • The Treasure Trail plugin will automatically add the temporary tag "clue" to the bank tags plugin. This means that you can search for the word "clue" in your bank or the Grand Exchange to quickly find the items needed for your Treasure Trail.

  • Users can now search for tagged items (via Bank Tags plugin) in the grand exchange search

  • The friends list counter has been readded

  • Added the ability for community plugins to add custom client scripts

  • Removed tooltips from the Clue scroll plugin (will be added back in the next update)

  • Updated the Camelot teleport name to Seers' village

  • The clue scroll plugin will now make use of the hint arrow API for showing NPCs and Locs to interact with

  • Fixed solutions for multiple clue scrolls

  • The Player-owned house markers have been reworked to optimize performance

  • Added the ability for community plugins to create hint arrows in the client

  • Corrected the calculation of projectile destinations

  • Optimized code behind the option reordering plugin


The OSBuddy team