Patch notes - 06 Feb 2018 - v3.1.0

  • The clan chat plugin will no longer display an empty count when not in a clan chat.

  • Wrath rune support has been added to the Rune Pouch plugin.

  • Minimap markers in Player-owned Houses will now draw for the full distance of the minimap.

  • You can now swap the Read and Investigate options at the entrance to the Zeah Catacombs in the Option Reorder plugin.

  • Swapping of the Bury and Use options has been moved to the Prayer plugin. Support for superior dragon bones has been added as well. If you wish to use this feature you must first enable it in settings.

  • OSBuddy will now keep track of your successful special attacks across various weapons (BGS, DWH, Arclight, Darklight).


The OSBuddy team