Patch notes - 26 Jan 2017 - v3.0.3

  • Objects that were previously not despawning should correctly despawn in OpenGL mode.

  • Graphics on NPCs and players such as Ice Barrage will no longer appear prematurely in OpenGL mode.

  • Projectiles such as spells, arrows and cannonballs will no longer appear before they start moving in OpenGL mode.

  • NPCs that switch forms should show the correct form in OpenGL mode.

  • Certain interfaces that were previously transparent in OpenGL mode when they should not have been have been corrected.

  • The Hiscores plugin will now display the number of clue scrolls completed.

  • You may now double click the search bar in the Hiscores plugin to auto-fill your current display name.

  • The Fishing plugin now supports dragon harpoons.

  • The Npc Tagger plugin will correctly remember your selected marker type.

  • You may now hide the marker in the Npc Tagger plugin.

  • The Farming plugin now supports showing it's timers within the widget instead of an overlay.


The OSBuddy team