Patch notes - 10 Nov 2017 - v3.0.25

  • The hunter plugin now supports maniacal monkeys

  • Degraded runecrafting pouches will now be highlighted in orange

  • Fixed a bug causing the Zamorak mage to be marked on your screen when he wasn't there

  • The cannonball counter now supports granite cannonballs

  • The slayer plugin will now recognize the Rock thrownhammer as a valid item for gargoyle tasks

  • OSBuddy will now remember camera zoom values across sessions, and using the key combination Ctrl + Home will now reset to the default zoom value

  • The OSBuddy world hopping plugin will now behave more like the official hopper. This means there will no longer be a "Click here to play" window when hopping. It will also use the same checks as the official hopper, so you can no longer circumvent things like the deadman world timer when hopping worlds.


The OSBuddy team