Patch notes - 31 Oct 2017 - v3.0.24

  • The Treasure Trial Assistant will now correctly display the solutions to fairy ring clues. The solutions for 28 other clues have been corrected as well

  • The Achievement Diary plugin has been optimized to fix a small performance issue

  • Large pouches will now change color correctly if they are degraded within the Runecrafting plugin

  • Added support for Grotesque Guardians within the !kc "gargoyles/gargs/dusk/dawn/gallio" chat command

  • The XP drop plugin has been revamped to allow customization of the in-game drops as well as the OSBuddy one. You must now manually specify which drops and overall counter you wish to use within the OSBuddy settings window. If "Official" is selected, OSBuddy will still apply the selected color to them


The OSBuddy team