Patch notes - 22 Aug 2017 - v3.0.20

  • Additional smaller clue scroll fixes were made.

  • The location of Jokul's tent in the emote clue 'Laugh in Jokuls tent' has been fixed.

  • The Falo the Bard cryptic clue has been added.

  • Issues highlighting additional objects in the Clue Scroll Helper have been resolved.

  • An issue with full-stops in cryptic and challenge clues has been rectified.

  • Fairy ring clues are now supported by the Clue Scroll Helper.

  • The location for the 'Come to the evil ledge' clue has been fixed.

  • The missing Clan Wars cryptic clue has been added.

  • The location for the 'Shrug in the Zamorak temple' clue has been fixed.

  • The POH markers plugin should no longer always swap Bury and Use if you have ever visited the Ectofuntus.


The OSBuddy team