Patch notes - 19 Jan 2017 - v3.0.2

  • Fixed clicking on bridges.

  • Improved performance in crowded areas by optimising the engine's friends list.

  • Fixed objects such as farming patches that previously did not update correctly.

  • Fixed objects such as POH insence burners which previouly looked scrambled.

  • Brightness slider will now be used by OpenGL (requires reload/toggle for now)

  • Reduced RAM usage in OpenGL mode by clearing unnecessary data

  • Rendering fix for PoH basement walls leaking through floor.

  • Fixed combined animations (e.g. fixed players 'sliding')

  • Fixed hit splat drawing (and other text incorrectly showing as transparent).

  • You will now be advised to download the 64-bit loader from the website if you are currently running the 32-bit loader on 64-bit Windows.

  • Mouse keys plugin now functions in OpenGL mode.

  • OpenGL will now automatically be disabled when entering fixed mode.

  • Changes to anti-aliasing in the OpenGL settings should now take effect immediately.


The OSBuddy team