Patch notes - 14 Aug 2017 - v3.0.18

  • The Quick Hop plugin will once again obey the setting for switching worlds via hotkeys.

  • The Option Reorder plugin now supports swapping 'Talk-to' and 'Pickpocket' on H.A.M. members.

  • The Option Reorder plugin now supports removing all options on bank booths to prevent misclicks from wasting a game tick.

  • The OSRS world map optimisations should once again work. Additionally, certain actions such as entering a new area should be quicker.

  • The Fishing plugin now supports karambwan and karambwanji.

  • The Hiscores plugin once again supports left-click lookup on friends.

  • The Option Reorder plugin will now only change certain jewelry automatically; additional jewelry will be added in a future update.


The OSBuddy team