Patch notes - 27 Jul 2017 - v3.0.13

  • The Cooking and Blast Furnace plugins have received a new splash of paint.

  • The Option Reorder plugin now supports Magnus Gram of Jatizso.

  • All plugins should now correctly resolve the exchange values of dragon pickaxes and red slayer helmets.

  • The Food overlay now supports Stew and Manta ray.

  • The Cannonball plugin has had it's troll spots adjusted.

  • The menu bar icons will no longer ignore clicks when the mouse is dragged immediately after or during the initial mouse press. Note: The close/maximize/minimize buttons will be updated next release.

  • The Option Reorder plugin now supports Grand Exchange Clerks.

  • The Jewelry plugin will no longer reset the stack size of non-Jewelry when the stack size setting is toggled from on to off.


The OSBuddy team