Patch notes - 25 Jul 2017 - v3.0.11

  • Fixed a bug that caused indicators to accidentally be dragged when holding the Shift key

  • Indicator positions and sizes are now saved. They will also move when the game size changes.

  • Disabled all status indicators by default. You can find plugins that support them by searching for "indicators" in the settings window.

  • Fixed a bug causing some overlays to disappear

  • The mining plugin has been reworked to support more obstacles at the Zeah dense essence mine. The bug causing a thin empty box to always show has been fixed as well.

  • Fixed a bug causing NPC option reordering to not always work

  • The Zamorakian mage for the abyss will now be marked properly

  • The bank overlay now allows users to customize the tooltips of items in the Bank: Exchange and Alchemy, Exchange only, Alchemy only, or None (off).

  • The new fairy rings have been added to the world map

  • The missing icons in the world map plugin have been found and safely returned to their correct homes


The OSBuddy team