Patch notes - 17 Jan 2017 - v3.0.1

  • Clicking on NPCs and players in OpenGL mode should now be consistent with the software renderer.

  • OpenGL mode will now automatically be disabled upon entering fixed mode.

  • The Tool Leprechaun should function once again in OpenGL mode.

  • Certain performance improvements related to recoloring private messages have been made that should increase FPS in both display modes.

  • Users with integrated graphics that support OpenGL 3.3 but not the default level of antialiasing will have antialiasing disabled automatically.

  • You can now toggle antialiasing - note: you will need to either restart the client or disable OpenGL mode and re-enable it.

  • The skybox should no longer be hidden in certain situations in OpenGL mode.

  • You can now click on the wilderness ditch and fairy rings in OpenGL mode.

  • You can no longer click on objects past a certain distance when in OpenGL mode.


The OSBuddy team