Patch notes - 10 Jan 2017 - v2.17.0

  • You should no longer be told much Pro you had left as a chat message when logging in for the first time.

  • The MouseKeys plugin will no longer delay your input considerably.

  • Plugins that draw borders around NPCs should correctly work once again.

  • The Farming plugin should correctly count the resources you have harvested.

  • The Farming Tracker should now correctly register seed plants.

  • The Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit has been added to the Elite rewards on the Clue Scroll webpage.

  • Plugins that utilise the bank should now be faster due to an internal optimisation.

  • The POH Marker plugin has had several missing markers added to it.

  • The Calculators plugin now supports calculating combat levels.

  • The Potion overlay now supports some of the raids potions.

  • The Timer Manager plugin now supports some of the raids potions.

  • There is now a button to the official OSBuddy Discord along the top of the client.

  • The new NPC tagging plugin has been released.

  • The new Bank Tags plugin has been released.


The OSBuddy team