Patch notes - 10 Jan 2017 - v2.16.9

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Price Guide to freeze occasionally

  • Fixed a bug causing the right-click options to not be swapped properly

  • Fixed a bug causing the Runecrafting plugin to show the total in the top left of the screen

  • Fixed a bug causing certain timers from being activated

  • The World Map has been updated to include the new Raids area. (version 8)

  • The Combat Tracker has been rewritten and will now more accurately track kills and loot.

  • The Bank Overlay will now support banks worth over 10 billion gp

  • Clicking Go Pro! in the client will automatically log the user into the website.

  • The Price Guide will now show the full price of items and will now show prices of items with less data (they will be prefixed with an asterisk)

  • OSBuddy will now automatically credit pro to accounts without the need to reload the client


The OSBuddy team