Patch notes - 08 Dec 2016 - v2.16.7

  • The Quick Hop plugin will now verify you have the total level required to quick hop to a Skill Total world and should once again correctly work when using hotkeys

  • The Clue Scroll plugin should again be correctly displayed on the world map, should correctly display the solutions to Cipher clues and will no longer highlight the models of NPCs

  • The Fishing plugin now uses Cyan instead of Razzmatazz in it's color scheme to avoid visually conflicting with items on the minimap

  • The Opponent Info plugin now supports optionally displaying the estimated health of your opponent instead of a percent when it is unable to accurately determine it's hitpoints

  • The Mining plugin has been updated to support the latest ores, gems, and pickaxes

  • The Slayer plugin should have correct counters after logging back in

  • The slayer plugin now supports all recolored slayer helmets

  • The title bar is now configurable to hide your OSBuddy username

  • The Fairy Ring plugin will now show the teleport destination


The OSBuddy team