Patch notes - 28 May 2016 - v2.15.8

  • The OSBuddy window should no longer increase in size as compact mode is toggled.

  • There should no longer be a white line for some users along the right of the OSBuddy window.

  • Freeze timers have undergone an arithmetic fix in the latest OSRS update.

  • Deadman worlds should no longer be shown in certain situations in the Quick Hop plugin if they are turned off.

  • The Price Guide plugin should no longer leave a trailing 'ea' after 'Inactive' when examining items.

  • The boss counter has undergone some fixes that will allow it to finally handle Jad again (note: this also requires a server change that will be deployed this weekend).

  • Player moderators and Jagex moderators should be properly handled via the chat colors plugin.

  • The Chat Colors and Chat Commands plugins no longer conflict and prevent your chat messages from being recolored if they are loaded in a particular order.

  • The Cannonball Alerter has undergone some improvements that should allow it to be more accurate in certain situations.

  • The Virtual Levels plugin will now allow you to set the value of the top number in the stats tab.

  • Pro users can now be reminded of their daily battlestaffs from Zaff in the Reminders plugin (more dailies will be added in the future).

  • You can now highlight all items above a certain value in the Item Overlay plugin.

  • You can now right click 'Lookup' your friends' Hiscores via the friends tab.


The OSBuddy team