Patch notes - 28 May 2016 - v2.15.7

  • We have included the same-day patch to 2.15.6 which rate-limits prayer to prevent one-tick use of bones. This was temporarily made possible in OSBuddy without AHK as a result of the POH plugin changes in 2.15.6. One-tick prayer has been common in the past due to players using AHK, however it has been determined that this is an illegitimate method of training, and so you can no longer do this at all when the POH plugin is enabled. We retain the convenience feature of swapping out the bury option, so that players can avoid the frustration of mis-clicking bones, without increasing XP/hr. You can still one-tick prayer with AHK if you disable the POH plugin, but this one-to-many action method has not been approved by Jagex, so we strongly suggest you avoid it.

  • You can now use an infernal pickaxe with the Motherlode Mine and Arceuus mine plugins.

  • Fixed a bug where if ChatHelper was loaded after ChatRecolor it would prevent the chat from being recolored.


The OSBuddy team