Patch notes - 09 May 2020 - v3.29.0

  • The markers plugin now has an object marking feature

  • The minimap orbs plugin now has a hide minimap feature

  • Added left click 'Use' swaps for farming produce and grimy herbs to reorder plugin

  • Fixed the world hopper ping display not working on some networks

  • Corrected the Sarachnis respawn timer

  • Fixed "Blow a raspberry at the monkey cage" clue tile

  • Added the Daer Krand anagram clue

  • The slayer plugin now supports the twisted helm

  • Now more reliably loads fallback when game download is blocked or stalls

  • Boss timers now trigger more reliably

  • Idle alerter has been improved for bow stringing

  • Added the divine bastion and battlemage potions to the timer manager

  • Fixed the wilderness level range feature


The OSBuddy team