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  • Highlights all available fishing spots based on the type of fishing gear you're carrying.
  • Counts the number of fish you have caught.


  • Remembers your uncompleted task from your last login.
  • Displays number of monsters left to complete your task.
  • Option to highlight monsters and mark them on your mini map.


  • Displays the status of each farming patch and what you have planted.
  • Displays whether or not your patch has been watered, is being watched, or has been treated with compost.

God Wars

  • Alerts you when you are able to refill your prayer at the altar in the God Wars Dungeon boss room.

Tray Icon Notifications

  • Allows you to choose to display either your current hit points or prayer level in your system tray.

Prayer Alerter

  • Icon flashes on screen letting you know that your prayer level is low enough to drink a dose of prayer potion.

Burner Markers

  • Informs you whether or not the incense burners are lit in a POH.

Drop Displayer

  • Displays loot dropped on the floor.
  • Displays amount of each item dropped.

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